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4 Smart home upgrades that increase home value and safety

If you want to upgrade your home, don’t overlook the latest smart home tech trends. Technology can make your home life more convenient, save you energy, and help cut down on energy waste. Plus, Zillow reports that nearly 40% of millennials find smart home tech essential in their home buying search. That’s right—smart tech can even up the resale value of your house. 

Check out several of these smart home upgrades that can add value to your home, increase the security of your house, and save you money in the long run. 

1. Smart surveillance cameras

Smart surveillance cameras can let you monitor your home right from your phone. Outdoor cameras and video doorbells can give you peace of mind when leaving the house or when you get an unexpected visitor. They can take valuable recordings of key areas of your home and send notifications and important alerts to your phone when something is detected. 

2. Smart thermostats

A smart thermostat adjusts cooling and heating according to your preferences and your house’s patterns. It may go into energy-saving mode when you’re at work, for example. This helps decrease energy consumption and saves you money on your energy bill. 

3. Smart locks

A smart lock lets you control and monitor who enters and leaves your home with a tap of your finger. Some involve fingerprint technology, while an app remotely controls others on your phone. Many can connect to Wi-Fi and have Bluetooth connectivity to recognize your phone and open your door for you as you approach. They are also often customizable and let you set temporary passcodes for guests.

4. Smart smoke detectors

A smart smoke detector is another upgrade that enhances your home safety system. They work similarly to traditional smoke detectors, but the difference is that they can alert you via your smartphone if something is awry. That way, you can call the fire department right away if needed, even if you’re away from home. They also let you know if their batteries are low and allow you to silence the alarm while you’re away if it’s a false alarm. 

There are lots of other up-and-coming smart home upgrades to consider.