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Our Story

Pan Market provides a broad range of branded and/or own products to help US realize American Dream through our e-commerce solutions. We also offer professional bookkeeping & financial analysis / advice services.

Our services are on demands for our affordable costs and reliable function. Pan Market wants to do something good for others with every part of its digital presence.

Mission: We focus on providing American with high quality, eco friendly, green products and servies with best possible prices.

Our Vision: use smart technologies to make your life and your business easier, securer and happier.

Top Ways to Make Your Life Smart

No one is small enough to make a difference. When it comes to protecting the planet, each and every individual matter. Being green is not only good for the environment, but it also helps in saving money and safeguarding our health. We can do a lot of ‘green’ things in our daily lives to reduce waste generation, clean the air, conserve natural resources, save energy and protect wildlife.

We are here to offer top ways to make your life green, and thus becoming good environmental stewards for the Earth.

Meet Our Happiness Team

Betty Pan

Betty Pan is passionate about e-commerce and believes virtual sales and service is our future. After building two successful Amazon businesses, she is expanding her digital footprint to include a website presence. The company is committed to providing an easier experience for its customers, for whom self-service and online shopping have been crucial during COVID -19 and beyond.

Your Name
Marketing Expert

Mr. XXX is a Facebook Ads Expert with over 4 years of experience through his marketing agency. He helped over thousands of individuals and businesses over years to boost their ROAS and achieve amazing results with budgets up to 7 figures in ad spend. His goal is to boost company ROAS (return on ad spend) and decrease our CPA (cost per acquisition) instantly. 

Uttam Ejerder
Social media specialist

Uttam is a professional digital marketer and social media manager. He has been working efficiently in this field for the past five years. He sets up, optimizes, manages our social media accounts with the latest SM strategies. Uttam's favorite and most fulfilling part of working for Pan Market is create content for our publications to increase audience engagement in our business pages & groups.

Angel Xiang
Store manager

Angell is a seasoned ecommerce expert with 5 years experience based in the US, she delivered 100% results as an ecommerce virtual assistant to fulfill orders or list products. She has helped hundreds of her customers increase their sales by taking control of their orders fulfillment, product listing, inventory managment, online store, and more.